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Wilmer W. Nichols

Dr. Wilmer Nichols, PhD., is Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. His career has been dedicated to the investigation of structure and function of the heart and arterial system in age and arterial disease. He has published over 200 articles in peer reviewed journals; books include the 6th edition of McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries. Among his many awards are Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Artery Society of Europe and the North American Artery Society.

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McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Principles

ISBN: 9780815368847
For over sixty years, McDonald's Blood Flow in Arteries has remained the definitive reference work in the field of arterial hemodynamics, including arterial structure and function with special emphasis on pulsatile flow and pressure. Prestigious, authoritative and comprehensive, this seventh edition has been totally updated and revised with many new chapters. This edition continues to provide the theoretical basis required for a thorough understanding of arterial blood flow in both normal and pathological conditions, while keeping clinical considerations and readability paramount throughout.