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VVS Chandrasekharam

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Hypospadias Surgery Science and Art

ISBN: 9789388257664
Hypospadias Surgery: Science and Art is the first book of its kind published in the subcontinent and, in fact, Asia, that describes several tested and reliable techniques for the repair of different types of hypospadias with reproducible results. Based on the extensive experience and expertise of the author, developed over two decades, and over 1,200 operations, it discusses each technique in detail, along with live operative photographs for the salient steps of each procedure. As the title suggests, the content of the book balances both the science and the art of hypospadias surgery and has been crafted with commendable dedication and passion. It also discusses recent advances in the research into hypospadias causation, as well as the postoperative follow-up and assessment of the results. This book will be an immensely useful resource for postgraduate students and practitioners (pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists, urologists, and plastic surgeons), and those undertaking MCh training courses in pediatric surgery, urology, and plastic surgery.