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Vibeke Backer

Vibeke Backer, MD DMSci, is Professor at the Copenhagen University, and pulmonologist responsible for Global Airways (CRSwNP, Asthma and Allergy) at the Department of ENT, as well a Senior Researcher at the Centre of Physical Activity Research (CFAS), Rigshopitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. She has published 400 articles and has an H-index of 50.

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The Asthmas A Precision Medicine Approach to Treatable Traits, Diagnosis and Management

ISBN: 9781032323237
The field of asthma has expanded in the last decade with specific drugs targeting the disease mechanisms. This book is an updated treatise covering diagnoses, phenotypes and endotypes of asthma along with its management. It includes diagnostic work-up which is required prior to medical assistance and basic immunology assessment, illustrating the types, severity, number of exacerbations due to disease activity, allergy or infections. As the treatment selection has changed from one size fits all to precision-based medicine, it aims to refine asthma management with right medication usage, neither overuse nor underuse, and initiation of the new hospital administered biologic drugs.