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Shalender Bhasin

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Essentials Of Men's Health

ISBN: 9781260135886
The definitive guide to diagnosing and treating your male patients using evidence-based algorithms for disease management Comprehensive and authoritative, The Essentials of Men’s Health ensures you are current on all the health issues of your male patients. Written by internationally renowned experts in every facet of men’s health, this timely guide delivers evidence-based algorithms for disease management, integrated models of patient-centric treatment, and pathophysiologic basis of major men’s health issues. It also provides indispensable advice on optimizing workflow, useful patient-education tools and resources, and powerful management strategies aligned with recent trends in healthcare delivery. Male patients experience distinct susceptibility to certain disease, exhibit specific symptoms, and respond to treatment in unique ways. With The Essentials of Men’s Health, you have everything you need to diagnose and treat men with knowledge, confidence, and expertise.