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Roman Pfeifer

Roman Pfeifer, MD is consultant of Trauma Surgery at the Department of Traumatology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. He studied medicine at Hannover Medical School (MHH, Germany) and performed a scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, USA. He was resident at the Department of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Aachen, Germany, and is board certified trauma surgeon (2017) and became a Fellow of European Board of Surgeons (FEBS, EBSQ exam). 

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Textbook of Polytrauma Management A Multidisciplinary Approach

ISBN: 9783030959050
This textbook is a fully updated and revised third edition of a highly successful practical guide to the care of the polytrauma patient. Broadening its readership to students, this new edition comprehensively describes the clinical course of multiple and severe injuries, from the accident scene to rehabilitation. It provides essential practical information on the care of patients both with blunt and penetrating trauma to multiple body regions, and discusses the management of truncal injuries (head, chest, abdomen) as well as fractures of the extremities, pelvis and spine. Further, the book highlights associated injuries that may alter decisions concerning patients with polytrauma.