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Atlas of Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery

ISBN: 9780323654005
Combining detailed descriptions of pelvic anatomy with easy-to-follow instructions for gynecologic procedures Atlas of Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery 5th Edition is a comprehensive up-to-date atlas that reflects current practices in this fast-changing field. Pelvic anatomy and surgical operations are depicted through full-color anatomic drawings correlative surgical artwork with step-by-step photographs and computer-assisted hybrid photo illustrations. Complete coverage of both conventional and endoscopic surgeries helps you master the full spectrum of surgical procedures.
€205,00 €229,00

Gray's Anatomy, The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice

ISBN: 9780702077050
Trust Gray’s. Building on over 160 years of anatomical excellence In 1858 Drs Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter created a book for their surgical colleagues that established an enduring standard among anatomical texts. After more than 160 years of continuous publication Gray’s Anatomy remains the definitive comprehensive reference on the subject offering ready access to the information you need to ensure safe effective practice.  This 42nd edition has been meticulously revised and updated throughout reflecting the very latest understanding of clinical anatomy from the world’s leading clinicians and biomedical scientists. The book’s acclaimed lavish art programme and clear text has been further enhanced while major advances in imaging techniques and the new insights they bring are fully captured in state of the art X-ray CT MR and ultrasonic images. The accompanying eBook version is richly enhanced with additional content and media covering all the body regions cell biology development and embryogenesis – and now includes two new systems-orientated chapters. This combines to unlock a whole new level of related information and interactivity in keeping with the spirit of innovation that has characterised Gray’s Anatomy since its inception.
€169,00 €190,00


ISBN: 9786185296056
€90,00 €100,00

Χειρουργική Ανατομική

ISBN: 9607397061
Η ανατομική διάπλαση του ανθρώπου έχει ελάχιστα μεταβληθεί στη διαδρομή χιλιετιών και η μελέτη της δεν αποτελεί πλέον σοβαρή πρόκληση για τον ευφυή ερευνητή. Ωστόσο η γνώση της είναι απαραίτητη για κάθε γιατρό, για τις νοσηλεύτριες και για άλλους επαγγελματίες που παρέχουν φροντίδες υγείας και, όταν αναπτύσσεται κάποια νέα τεχνική, πρόσθετες ζωτικές λεπτομέρειες έρχονται στο φως.