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Jacques Magnan

Prof Jacques Magnan, born in 1946, is affiliated with Hôpital NORD, Marseille, France and Aix-Marseille  University, France. He completed his Otolaryngology residency at  Clinique CAUSSE, France in 1974, before gaining further qualifications in maxillofacial surgery and otoneurology in 1976 and 1989, respectively. He became Professor and Head of Department 1989, Director of Otologic, Neurotologic and Microendoscopic laboratory 1996  and Professor emeritus in 2010.  

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Middle Ear Diseases Advances in Diagnosis and Management

ISBN: 9783319729619
Provides a clear and comprehensive view of Middle Ear pathologies from a clinical perspective Contains several delicate and precise illustrations that helps to clarify, simplify and articulate middle ear pathologies Written by authors with great experience in the field of otology and ear radiology