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Helmut H. Popper

Helmut H. Popper gained his medical degree from the University of Graz, Austria, and subsequently undertook residency and fellowship training at the Institute of Pathology at the university. In 1985 he became Associate Professor of Pathology at the Institute and a year later, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Pathology. In 1993 Dr. Popper was appointed Professor of Pathology. Subsequent appointments in 2000 and 2008 were, respectively, as Head of Laboratories of Molecular Cytogenetics and Environmental and Respiratory Tract Pathology and Head of the Research Unit for Molecular Lung and Pleural Pathology. Dr. Popper has held a number of prestigious positions during his career, including as Chairman of the Pulmonary Pathology Group of the European Society of Pathology and President of the Austrian Society of Pathology. He is a member of the Executive Advisory Board of the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and a member of the editorial board of Virchows Archiv. He has received awards or medals for Continuous Medical Education from the Swedish Medical Society, the Russian and Turkish Thoracic Societies, and the Italian Pathologic Society.

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Pathology of Lung Disease Morphology – Pathogenesis – Etiology

ISBN: 9783662504895
Covers the full range of adult and pediatric lung and pleural diseases from the pathologic standpoint Guide to diagnosis that also explains disease mechanisms and etiology Written by a single, internationally well-known author, based on his experience of working in the field for more than 30 years
€139,39 €235,39

Pulmonary Pathology A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9783030226626
Includes abundant illustrations with high-quality digital photographs Offers a structured presentation to facilitate navigation and quick retrieval of information Presents essential information and diagnostic criteria and pitfalls Provides practical guidelines for lung and pleura pathologists
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