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Gabor B. Scharioth

Gabor B. Scharioth graduated from Medical School in Humboldt University Berlin in 1993. During his residency program, he was trained in Augentagesklinik Groß-Pankow, Campus Virchow of University. Berlin and Aravind Eye Hospitals, India. In 1998, he joined private practice in West Germany and founded Aurelios Eye Centers in 2004. His fields of expertise in ophthalmic surgery are cataract surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, reconstructive/trauma surgery, and modern glaucoma surgery. He has performed more than 30,000 surgeries during his career and trained many doctors around the world. He gave more than 250 scientific presentations at national and international conferences and performed more than 20 live surgeries at several international meetings around the world. Multiple scientific peer-reviewed publications are published and he was awarded several times at international meetings, including ASCRS, ESCRS, EVRS, and DOC. He is member of several ophthalmic organizations and scientific and advisory boards. During his professional career, he created several inventions such as the Scharioth Macula Lens for patients with advanced maculopathy, Glaucolight-assisted canaloplasty, microscope mounted angle viewing system, Light indentor for vitreoretinal surgery, and intrascleral haptic fixation of PCIOL in absence of capsular support. 

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Complications During and After Cataract Surgery From Phacoemulsification Over Secondary IOL Implantation to Dropped Nucleus

ISBN: 9783030935306
Every cataract surgeon is afraid of complications, but while complications cannot be entirely avoided, it is possible to learn to master them. This practical book clearly explains how to manage the various complications that may arise during cataract surgery, from a subluxated intraocular lens to a dropped nucleus. It provides the surgeon with clear instructions on how best to proceed in the manner of a cookbook, by first describing the ingredients (equipment), preparation (planning) and then providing step-by-step descriptions of technique with the aid of numerous helpful color illustrations.