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Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka

Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka is a senior lecturer at the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Medical University of Gdańsk,  Her main scientific interest in breast cancer is the molecular basis of disease in high-risk patients. She is involved in developing international guidelines for early and metastatic breast cancer on behalf of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the European School of Oncology (ESO) and is an ESMO Faculty Member for Breast Cancer.


Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka serves as a Specialty Editor for “The Breast” journal and is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, including courses organized by the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology  (ESTRO) and ESO. She is a member of the ESMO, ESTRO,  the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA) and of Mensa International. She has contributed to over 100 peer-reviewed publications, fifteen book chapters and was an editor of a textbook. 

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Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons A European Multidisciplinary Textbook

ISBN: 9783319566719
Provides an evidence-based discussion, citing the most recent literature Closely linked to European practice guidelines (EUSOMA, St. Gallen, ESMO) Contains clinical algorithms for case management in each section to serve as a ready reference Includes a selection of top European opinion leaders as section authors Published with the official approval of European Society of Surgical Oncology and EUSOMA Contains a selection of self-test MCQs Ideal reference book for the preparation of any European exam in Breast Surgery