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David Randall

David Randall, MA, MRCP 

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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine

ISBN: 9780702078682
Now in its tenth edition, Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine is fully updated and revised under a new team of editors. Featuring new chapters covering: o Diagnosis: the art of being a doctor - helping readers to develop a confident clinical method in interactions with patients o Elderly medicine, frailty and multimorbidity o Public health o Surgery o Evidence-based medicine o Sepsis and the treatment of bacterial infection o Haematological Oncology o Venous thromboembolic disease o Hypertension o Men’s health Enhanced clinical skills content has been added to most chapters - helping readers tailor history-taking and examination skills to specific specialty-based contexts. Bonus online content - including self-assessment, common clinical and international cases, cardiovascular and respiratory audio material, clinical examination videos and bite-sized topic pages covering major conditions. Heavily revised throughout with smaller chapters to ease navigation, added introductions and system overviews included for most chapters.