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Christa De Cuyper

Dr. Christa De Cuyper is a Belgian dermatologist and has been working in the Sint-Jan General Hospital in Brugge for 35 years. She has extensive experience in laser treatment, particularly in tattoo removal. Dr. De Cuyper is a founding member of the European Society on Tattoo and Pigment Research (ESTP), organized the second congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research in Brugge, which brought together authorities and various stakeholders (scientists, manufacturers, retailers and professional users of tattoo and PMU inks), and has given invited talks on this subject at several international congresses (EADV, World congress of Dermatology , GERDA etc.). She has represented Belgium in both the CEN 435 project on hygienic standards for tattooists, and in the EC Consumer Safety Network subgroup on safety of tattoos and PMU.

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Dermatologic Complications with Body Art Tattoos, Piercings and Permanent Make-Up

ISBN: 9783319770970
A hands-on guide on how to treat the complications that arise from performing body piercing, tattoos and permanent make-up Written by international experts in the field Lavishly illustrated and contains a reader-friendly structure