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Catarina Eloy, MD, PhD

is Professor of Pathology at the University of Porto, Portugal, and serves as Medical Director of the IPATIMUP Diagnostic Unit. Her doctoral thesis was on papillay thyroid carcinoma and she is a co-author of the next WHO book on endocrine tumors (in preparation). Her research interests are focused on thyroid cancer pathology: etiopathogenesis, cytopathology and molecular pathology

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Rare Tumors of the Thyroid Gland: Diagnosis and WHO classification

ISBN: 9783319611815
Provides detailed descriptions and documentation of almost all the rare tumours and tumor-like lesions of the thyroid Broadens our current understanding of thyroid oncology through the study of rare lesions in the context of common thyroid tumours Offers an in-depth review of the histogenesis of most of the rare lesions of the thyroid, which is needed for diagnosis and therapy