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Aaron L. Berkowitz

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Clinical Neurology and Neuroanatomy: A Localization-Based Approach 2nd.ed.

ISBN: 9781260453362
Clinical Neurology and Neuroanatomy provides a clear, logical discussion of the relationship between neuroanatomy, clinical localization, and the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disease. Written in a concise, conversational style, this unique text offers a valuable overview of fundamental neuroanatomy and the clinical localization principles necessary to diagnose and treat patients with neurologic diseases and disorders. The text is divided into main sections. Part I teaches the neuroanatomy essential for clinical localization and demonstrates how to apply this knowledge to clinical reasoning in developing a differential diagnosis for common neurologic symptoms including weakness, sensory changes, visual loss, ataxia, diplopia, anisocoria, and dizziness. A detailed overview of the neurologic examination and a primer on interpretation of neurodiagnostic tests with a focus on neuroimaging and CSF analysis is also included. Part II provides an up-to-date synthesis of the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases including epilepsy, stroke, neurologic infections, demyelinating diseases, dementia, movement disorders, neurologic complications of cancer and its treatment, and conditions of the peripheral nervous system. More than 50 radiologic images of common and rare neurologic conditions and over 30 tables summarizing key aspects of various conditions and their treatment are featured.