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Στοιχεία Ψυχιατρικής Σημειολογίας

ISBN: 9607397088
Ένα πρωτότυπο έργο πάνω στη Ψυχιατρική Σημειολογία.

Kaplan and Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry

ISBN: 9781451100471
The cornerstone text in the field for 50 years, Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry has consistently kept pace with the rapid growth of research and knowledge in neural science, as well as biological and psychological science. This two-volume Tenth Edition shares the expertise of 618 renowned contributors who cover the full range of psychiatry and mental health, including neural science, genetics, neuropsychiatry, psychopharmacology, and other key areas. It remains the gold standard of reference for all those who work with the mentally ill, including psychiatrists and other physicians, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses, and other mental health professionals.

Emergency Psychiatry: Principles and Practice

ISBN: 9781975113681
The field of emergency psychiatry is complex and varied, encompassing elements of general medicine, emergency medicine, trauma, acute care, the legal system, politics and bureaucracy, mental illness, substance abuse and addiction, current social issues, and more. In one comprehensive, highly regarded volume, Emergency Psychiatry: Principles and Practice brings together key principles from psychiatric subspecialties as well as from emergency medicine, psychology, law, medical ethics, and public health policy. Leading emergency psychiatrists write from their extensive clinical experience, providing evidence-based information, expert opinions, American Psychiatric Association guidelines, and case studies throughout the text. This fully up-to-date second edition covers all of the important issues facing psychiatry residents and practitioners working in today’s emergency settings, or who encounter psychiatric emergencies in other medical settings.

Addiction Medicine, Science and Practice

ISBN: 9780323754408
Integrating scientific knowledge with today’s most effective treatment options, Addiction Medicine: Science and Practice, 2nd Edition, provides a wealth of information on addictions to substances and behavioral addictions. It discusses the concrete research on how the brain and body are affected by addictions, improving your understanding of how patients develop addictions and how best to personalize treatment and improve outcomes. This essential text is ideal for anyone who deals with patients with addictions in clinical practice, including psychiatrists, health psychologists, pharmacologists, social workers, drug counselors, trainees, and general physicians/family practitioners.

New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry

ISBN: 9780198713005
An established and highly-praised textbook of psychiatry which has come to be regarded as one of the most popular and trusted standard psychiatry texts among psychiatrists and trainees Written and edited by the foremost international authorities, it presents a comprehensive account of clinical psychiatry, with reference to its scientific basis and to the patient's perspective throughout Integrates biological, psychological, and social approaches, providing the broadest possible coverage of the field Sections on treatment combine an evidence-based approach with practical advice based on extensive clinical experience New to this Edition: Extensively re-structured and streamlined to keep pace with significant developments that have taken place in the fields of clinical psychiatry and neuroscience since publication of the second edition in 2009 Updated throughout to include the most recent versions of the two main classification systems used throughout the world for the diagnosis of mental disorders, the DSM-5 and the ICD-11 Guy M. Goodwin, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and the Past-President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) joins the editor team The list of sections and chapter topics has been completely reorganized in order to follow the "lifespan approach" to management of mental disorders and to eliminate repetition/overlap The total number of chapters has been reduced from 271 in the Second Edition to 146 in the Third Edition, whereas the number of sections has increased from 11 to 24. The print edition has been streamlined from 2 volumes to 1 volume.

Psychotic Disorders Comorbidity Detection Promotes Improved Diagnosis And Treatment

ISBN: 9780323683098
Offering an up-to-date perspective on the complexity of mental illness, Psychotic Disorders: Using Co-Morbidity Diagnoses to Enhance Treatment provides unique insight by presenting schizophrenia and psychosis as a cormorbid disorders. Comprehensive coverage of the five comorbidity subtypes includes everything from definitions of the comorbidity syndrome (with DSM-5 criteria) and how to interview to specific symptoms for the psychotic diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment. This first-of-its-kind reference is a valuable clinical resource for psychiatrists, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, and clinicians in training, as well as a useful tool for exam review.
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